96 Tribal connects the dots between business, brand & audience

Who we are

We are a boutique digital agency based in Greater Vancouver, BC. Our core focus is on connecting brands to audiences by utilizing brand strategy + development, content marketing, and leveraging e-Commerce platforms to grow companies.

Ambition is at the core of our work.
It’s what drives us to achieve the highest level of results for our clients, in-house team and collaborative partners.

Our digital solutions are revenue-focused but people first.
We only work with companies that we sincerely believe in and only market products or services that we genuinely feel will bring real value to people’s lives.


Brand Strategy

Brand Development

Brand Identity

Social Media Marketing

e-Commerce Conversion

Social Growth

Content Strategy

Creative Direction

Content Creation

Web Design

e-Commerce Development

Front-end Design






Strategy First

We use custom-built tools to first understand the brands’ mission, vision, core values and market place offering. We then complete fundamental brand strategy tasks in order to position the brand in front of its target audience.

We translate our strategy into effective marketing and communication tactics, clearly defining how the macro brand strategy road map functions in a micro actionable environment

Creative Minds

We develop creative assets for commercial applications. The work we carry out in our strategy phase informs our creative decision making, ensuring the brand values, the target audience and campaign adjectives are at the center of those decisions.

Leading Campaigns

Strategy & creative assets mean nothing without distribution. We approach digital-first campaign creation from a user-first perspective. Analyzing the unique customer experience of each brand. We meet the customer wherever they are in their journey and create touch-points that optimally communicate our client’s message seamlessly within the wider brand experience.


Fateh Singh

Strategy Director

Imroze Singh


Simran Johal

Growth Strategist

Vaneet Kaur

Project Coordinator

Simer haer

Visual Designer

Kiran Gill

Content Producer

Parm Gill

Video Lead